Temple ISD Concussion Testing

Temple ISD Concussion Testing

The Temple ISD Athletic Training Staff is implementing new cognitive/neurological concussion testing.  In our ongoing effort to stay on the cutting edge of in the prevention and treatment of concussions, Temple ISD Athletic Department is partnering with XLNTbrain LLC for cognitive/neurological testing for our athletes.

XLNTbrain Sport is a unique program that goes beyond baseline testing in the management of sport related concussion. Using the latest technology and evidence based guidelines, XLNTbrain Sport is a comprehensive program of athlete registration, concussion awareness education, pre-season baseline testing and sideline assessment tools, along with post-concussion symptom tracking and cognitive testing that assists health professionals in guiding concussed student athletes safely back to normal activity and gameplay.

Once registered, the athlete will instructed on how to complete the baseline test and will have a source of information on recognition and treatment of possible concussions.  Please allow 30-40 minutes to complete the registration and administration of the test.

Temple Athletes click on the link below to Register and begin your baseline test.


Code: TempleHSath17