Social Media Guidelines

Social media can be a useful tool to communicate with teammates, fans, friends, coaches and more. Social media can also be dangerous if you are not careful. Every picture, link, quote, status, or post that you or your friends put online is forever a part of your digital footprint. You never know when that will come back to hurt or help your reputation during the recruiting process, a new job, or other important areas of your life.Recognizing the above:

• I take responsibility for my online profile, including my posts and any photos, videos or other recordings posted by others in which I appear.

• I will not degrade my opponents before, during or after games.

• I will post only positive things about my teammates, coaches, opponents and officials.

• I will use social media to purposefully promote abilities, team, community, and social values.

• I will consider “Is this the person I want you to see?” before I post anything online.

• I will ignore any negative comments about me and will not retaliate.

• If I see a teammate post something potentially negative online, I will have a conversation with that teammate. If I do not feel comfortable doing so, I will talk to the team captain, or a coach.

• I am aware that I represent my sport(s), school, team, family and community at all times, and will do so in a positive manner.