Girls Varsity Volleyball · Building on success: Temple takes aim at new volleyball season

The serve was received, pass made and kill delivered over the net and down in bounds on the other side. All in all, guided by technical terms, it was a successful point.

First-year Temple volleyball coach JoAnna Vaden then asked her players if they were satisfied with the bump, set and spike that just occurred near the tail end of the Tem-Cats’ practice Thursday afternoon inside Wildcat Gym. One ‘No’ was followed by more in near unison, and the play was run again.

“I gave them the opportunity to come off the floor and they said ‘No,’” Vaden said. “A lot of those, yeah, we probably would have gotten a kill out of it. But do we want to try to make it better? They didn’t go to the safe zone. They are challenging themselves. I want them to have ownership, whether they do something really good or really bad. Own it, fix it, celebrate it and move on. It’s their team. I want them to have the glory because they are putting in the hard work.”

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