Girls Varsity Track · Hudson giving back with passion for track

Vickie Hudson took advantage of her athletic ability and all the opportunities afforded to her when she starred on the Temple High School track and field team in the early 1990s.

Hudson has spent the better part of the last 15 years returning the favor to budding athletes by sharing her wisdom and passion for a sport she believes is too often overlooked when it comes to popularity and exposure.

“The only thing I want and look forward to is the people who want to put a lot of time into track,” Hudson said. “Track is a sport like football or basketball whether people see it in that realm. My feeling is that it’s not dead. A lot of people love it.”

Track has been very good to Hudson, who has been even better to track. In 2003, she helped found the viable Temple Flyers youth track program, which has since introduced scores of youngsters to the sport while providing a summertime arena of competition. For the last few years, she has overseen the Temple-based Texas Greyhounds with a focus on high school age athletes. The Flyers and Greyhounds aren’t necessarily related, but the Flyers do serve as a de facto feeder into the Greyhounds program.

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