Varsity Football · Wiley’s turn to shine at QB; Wildcats cap spring with Blue-White game today

Temple coach Scott Stewart makes Jared Wiley wear a red jersey during practices and scrimmages, signifying that the Wildcats’ senior-to-be quarterback is off-limits to anything resembling hard contact, therefore reducing the risk of unnecessary injury.

But because Wiley is 6-foot-6, weighs 230 pounds and plays the game with a mean streak, Stewart’s policy might protect Temple’s defensive players as much as it does Wiley, who excelled last season as a tight end/wide receiver.

“The rule all spring has been that all you have to do is touch him (to end the play), and that way nobody hits him. It’s usually not him that hurts himself; it’s other people rolling up on his legs,” Stewart said. “At our scrimmage (Tuesday), it was third-and-25 and Jared scrambled and made a great move, and if they don’t touch him he keeps going. But he got touched about 2 yards short and I said it was an automatic punt.

“He was so mad, which I absolutely love. He said, ‘I would’ve gotten that (first down). Take the red shirt off me.’ That’s the way he would have it. We’re not going to do that, but I love the fact that he’s a competitor and his teammates see him doing that. You have to have that.”

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