Multiple Teams · Iconic two-tone pants still suit Wildcats’ style

Even with seven decades having gone by, it may be more amazing now than ever that the doodling on a drug-store napkin would still hold up as one of the most iconic designs in Texas high school football and a rallying point for the Temple Wildcats faithful.

The story of the origin of Temple’s blue-front, white-back pants has been told, and many veteran followers of Wildcats football know it well.

But as time marches on, the origins of a famed tradition become fuzzy while the tradition itself takes on a life of its own. So it never hurts to remind each generation how a symbolic treasure that has motivated generations of up-and-coming Wildcats football players came to be.

No one knows the story or can tell it better than the man who was there when the unique idea of two-tone pants was birthed. Marcine Cottle, who turned 94 last month, was the first person to see the sketch made by coach Ted Dawson.

“Ted was a great guy,” said Cottle, the patriarch of all former Temple coaches, and coached with Dawson. “He loved the kids and the kids loved him.”

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