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Multiple Teams · Temple’s boisterous dugout grows as asset through season

Familiarity with the Disney-Pixar animated movie “Finding Nemo” isn’t a requirement for appreciating the enthusiasm that spills from the Temple dugout when the Wildcats are at-bat.

No offense to the film — which chronicles the adventures of a trio of fish, Marlin, Nemo and Dory, and their friends — but the Wildcats’ commitment to ruffling the opposing pitcher’s feathers in a comedically antagonistic way and cleverly calculated cheering on of their teammates might just provide more laughs, even if some of the chants are borrowed from scenes in the movie. See Nemo’s official introduction into the fish tank involving the ring of fire, and the annoying seagulls’ squawk of “Mine-mine-mine”.

In the very least, the playful banter inspires — a theory validated by starting left fielder Jonathan Flores on April 7, when Temple’s season found some new life after consecutive losses and three defeats in a span of four games.

“The bench gave us lots of energy. That’s what the coaches have been telling us to do,” Flores said that night after the Wildcats’ 8-0 win. “Our bench is everything. No lie. And the more energy we get, the better we do. When they’re hype, we’re hype.”

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