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Boys Varsity Powerlifting · Wildcats take 3rd in the Temple Powerlifting Invitational

The Temple boys powerlifting team took 3rd Place in the Temple Invitational held at Wlldcat Gym last Thursday. Temple did get three 1st Place finishes in their respective divisions. Those were from Dwight Roberts, Avery Rodriguez and Malik Stoutamire.

The athletes are divided according to weight class and combine the total of three lifts for their individual final results. The lifts included were the squat, bench and dead left.

Avery Rodriguez won the 123 lb weight class with a total lift of 770 lbs.; Dwight Roberts won the 148 lb. weight class with a lift of 1115 lbs. and Malik Stoutamire won the 165 lb weight class with 1190 lbs.

The Wildcats had a pair of athletes take second in the weight classes. Philip Haskins took 2nd Place in the Super Heaveyweight Division with a total lift of 1420 lbs., which was the highest total for a Temple athlete and Ashad Matthews took 2nd Place in the 220 lb division with a total of 1325 lbs.

Kyleland Sauls took 3rd in the 165 lb weight class lifting a total of 1115 lbs.

Rounding out the Top 5 places was Jazarian Faulkner who took 5th Place in the 220 lb weight class with 1160 lbs lifted for a total and Cedric Carter in the 198 lb weight class. his lift was 1065 lbs.

Click the link below for some more Temple results along with each individuals total lifts results.

Temple 2017 Boys Results

Temple will be back in action on Thursday in the Midway Invitational