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Multiple Teams · Wildcat Stadium to host Area Track Meet

Wildcat Stadium will host the 2016 District 17-18 5A Area Track & Field Championships on Friday April 22nd. The top four finishers from both the districts 17 & 18 will compete for spots in the regional track meet to be held at Sam Houston State University. The top four finishers in each event will advance to the regional meet.

Districts 17 & 18 AAAAA
Wildcat Stadium, Temple High School

April 22, 2016

10:30 am          3200 m Run VG / VB

11:15 am          Girls                            Boys               

Long Jump                   Triple Jump

Pole Vault                    Discus

12:00 pm          Girls                            Boys   

Shot Put                       High Jump

High Jump                    Pole Vault

12:45 pm          Girls                            Boys

Discus                          Shot Put

Triple Jump                  Long Jump

2:15 pm            Field Event & 3200m Awards

2:45 pm            National Anthem

3:00     VG – 4x100M Relay

3:05     VB – 4x100M Relay

3:10     VG – 800M Dash

3:15     VB – 800M Dash

3:25     VG – 100M Hurdles

3:30     VB – 110M Hurdles

3:35     VG – 100M Dash

3:40     VB – 100M Dash

3:55     VG – 800M Relay

4:00     VB – 800M Relay

4:15     VG – 400M Dash

4:20     VB – 400M Dash

4:35     VG – 300M Hurdles

4:40     VB – 300M Hurdles

4:45     VG – 200M Dash

4:50     VB – 200M Dash

4:55     VG – 1600M Run

5:05     VB – 1600M Run

5:15     VG – 4x400M Relay

5:30     VB – 4x400M Relay

The following boys will participate in the area meet:

David James:  High Jump
Corey Mann: High Jump
Rogers Franklin:  Pole Vault
Malichi Ball:  Pole Vault
Dylan McGee: Long Jump
Davion Curtis:  Long Jump
David James: Triple Jump
Dylan McGee: Triple Jump
Philip Lynch: Shot Put
Damian Soto:  3200 Meters
Carlos Crisanto:  3200 Meters
Israel De La Fuente: 3200 Meters
4×100 Relay (Jemiyah Franklin, Willari Watson, Isaac Cole, Davion Curtis)
Xavier Johnson: 800 Meters (2:05.56)
Quintin Smith:  110 Hurdles (14.63)
De’Vante Nealy:100 Meters (11.63)
4×200 Relay (Jemiyah Franklin, Willari Watson, Isaac Cole, Davion Curtis)
Xavier Johnson:  400 Meters
Carlos Borbon: 400 Meters
David James: 400 Meters
Quintin Smith: 300 Hurdles
Carlos Borbon: 200 Meters
Israel De La Fuente: 1600 Meters
4×400 Relay (Willari Watson, Jemiyah Franklin, Xavier Johnson, Isaac Cole)

The following girls will be participating:

Alexis Yarbrough:  Pole Vault
Shakiia Rayson: Long Jump
Cienna Womack:  Long Jump
Cienna Womack:  Triple Jump
Timmea Joiner-Hargrove;  Discus
Courtney Massar: Discus
Taleisha Wardale: hot Put
Arleth Subiria:  3200 Meters
Carly Moore: 3200 Meters
4×100 Relay: (Ania Bryant, Roneisha Davis, Shakiia Rayson, Jal’en Hayward)
Cienna Womack:100 Hurdles
Ania Bryant: 100 Hurdles
Jal’en Hayward: 100 Meters
Rhea Miles: 400 Meters
Cienna Womack: 300 Hurdles
Ania Bryant: Hurdles
Arleth Subiria: 1600 Meters
4×400 Relay (Shakiia Rayson, Imanai Joiner-Hargrove, Alexicia Medlock, Rhea Miles)