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Multiple Teams · Temple Cross Country City Meet Results

The Travis Mustangs hosted the 2015 City Cross Country Meet on September 23rd at Lions Park. Check out the results from this years event.

7th Grade Girls

1st -Bonham 26
2nd – Travis 67
3rd – Lamar 112

Top 10 finishers for Bonham: Lavina Brown 1st, Alexy Alley 2nd, Taliya Johnson 6th, Arianna Cruz 8th, Alexis Willis 9th.

Top 10 finishers for Lamar: Mariela Andrade 4th, Quinteria Russell 5th.

Top 10 finishers for Travis -Faith Farbo 7th, Natalie Cruz 10th.

8th Grade Girls

1st – Bonham 15
2nd – Travis 73
3rd – Lamar 79

Top 10 finishers for Bonham: 1st Hannah Esparza, 2nd Malina Patel, 3rd Clarissa Granado, 4th Amya MvNiel, 5th Yoselin Hernandez, 6th Jessica Vaden.

Top 10 finishers for Travis:  7th Kerynn Eckenrode, 8th Daniela Ramos, 9th Morgan Madsen.

Top 10 finishers for Lamar:  10th Virdiano Arroyo

 7th & 8th Grade Boys

1st – Travis 27
2nd – Lamar 40

Top 10 finishers for Travis:  Chuey Hernandez 1st, Kedrick Freeman 3rd, Luke Allen 6th, Brady Smith 8th, Angel Maya 10th

Top 10 finishers for Bonham:  Luis Rojas 2nd

Top 10 finishers for Lamar:Israel Ramos 4th, JaSondre Ockleberry 5th, Zakkary Diserens 7th,