Multiple Teams · Wildcat Stadium had some glitches for first home game

Friday night was a successful start to the new season at Wildcat Stadium as the home team Wildcats defeated a very good Round Rock team 35-28. Many of the fans got to see the repairs made to the pressbox with the lettering “Home of the Wildcats” now displayed on the front and the new banners placed on the back of the stadium.

However,  there were some drawbacks to the experience. First of all was dysfunctions of the video board and message boards. Certain sections of the boards were cutting in and out. The boards had been serviced by the manufactures in the past month however,  further work must be done and is scheduled to be corrected.

Also, over this past summer, the statue in honor of Coach McQueen had been knocked off its base. The job has been assigned to an outside contractor that specializes in this type of repairs but was unfortunately not completed in time for Friday’s game.

And finally, the inflatable Wildcat Head run through was found to not be holding air when it was tested. This too is scheduled to be looked at and repaired.

The Temple Athletic Department appreciates you patience at this time.